Mike Muetzel Named New Auburn Head Coach

Auburn, AL (December 15, 2011) Auburn University Men's Lacrosse Club President Jake Ponseti announced that, effective January 2012, Mike Muetzel (author of the LaxCoachMike articles that appear here at LaxPower.com - see the Drills page) has been signed as the the new head coach of the Tigers, members of the MCLA and the SELC.

"We are very excited to have someone with Coach Mike's lacrosse background and national reputation and history of success" said Ponseti. "He has a great reputation with his former players, and as well as opposing coaches across the country, we are really looking forward to his fast paced transition style of lacrosse."

"First, I am honered with the announcement, to be a part of the 30 year history of lacrosse at this great university, as well as compete in the SELC with the great coaches and strong lacrosse programs, it will be a thrilling challenge," said Muetzel. "I had a chance to meet and work with the team a little bit in the fall, and I was extremely impressed with the character of the officers, as well as the talent on the team with strong players from across the country, it is a great opportunity."

Mike Muetzel was an All Midwest Player for Worthington High School, and attended both Ohio Wesleyan DIII and Bowling Green State University, a former DI power in the 1970's. As a high school coach at McIntosh High School he led a new, start from scratch program to the State Championship Game in just four years, losing to Lovett in double overtime. In 2007 he was recognized by his peers as the US Lacrosse Coach of the Year for Georgia.

Muetzel has continued coaching with the Copperhead National Travel Club out of Atlanta. His teams have faced many of the best HS Lacrosse Travel Teams in North America including Team Florida, Baltimore Crabs, Baltimore Trilogy, Connecticut Chargers, Kanienkehakah Krunch Tribe, Ontario Edge, British Columbia, Minute Men and many others. In his three-year tenure coaching the Copperheads, his teams have won ten different tournament championships across the east coast, including the U17 Dick's National Championship.

Muetzel is the founder of laxcoachmike.com, dedicated to helping lacrosse coaches improve as well as a nationally recognized author, and research consultant on younger generations in the workplace for many prominent corporate leadership teams across North America. He graduated from Bowling Green State University and has an MBA from Kent State University.


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