Coaching Drill: Hopkins 3v2 with GB Competition

1. The first time we ran the drill, we had only poles in 'blue' or as the two-man team on defense. The next time we had the entire team count off, 1-2-1-2 etc, and had the entire team mixed, five minutes with white as the three on offense, then five minutes with blue on defense.

2. The third time we ran this configuration of 3v2, we had the players staggered, the entire team mixed, but with two white, then two blue, then a single white in the straight line below GLE to mix up the ground ball competition a bit. Anything makes it different.

3. The fourth time we ran this drill, we had the players line up at GLE, but we only had two white and two blue, with the third white player entering from outside the box. Now we had a 2v2 ground ball drill immediately into a clear (where the third white who entered from outside jumped the goalie from the wing if it was a clearing situation), or if white got possession, the three men went immediately into a 3v2 to the cage.

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