Drill from Lax Coach Mike: 3v2 and Shooting Too!

This drill is also a great opportunity for coaches to reinforce how important it is for players to catch the ball off of their outside shoulder. It is critical that they keep their body between the defender and the ball or catch. In this close proximity, if they catch, for example, right-handed to the inside, it is a pretty easy check in the confined space.

Reps need to very very fast, and the players love it. We have found that it really helps them shoot specifically to the offside for the goalie or change the plane of the shot. The large number of repetitions also makes them feel far more comfortable in traffic to finish effectively. Defensively, we focus on not only the slide but also the recovery to the inside as well as a quick lift on the offensive player's hands as they shoot.

Rep 2

Now on the second rep, we take the same concepts and reverse the location. We still run the 3v2 in a straight line, but we start 10 to 15 yards above the restraining line and move towards the cage. We move the cones up to wherever (as a coach) your definition of the shooting area or ‘time and space' might be. In my case, that's 12 yards high of the crease area. The shooting focus is now on outside shooting.

On the first whistle, the two defenders sprint forward to get in position and turn around. They, too, need to stay above the cones. A second later, another whistle starts the 3v2, but the shots must come from outside the cones. Here we focus on accurate shooting from the outside, getting the ball on cage, and shooting immediately off a pass.

The reps are very fast, four to six seconds (longer than you think). And the groups are quickly in and out of the drill. In both configurations, the offensive players switch lines at they return to the lines from a rep. Defensively it is again critical to get a lift on the hands as the offensive player takes the shot.


We keep score in a number of ways and make it competitive. One thing we do every day is to reinforce on-goal shots and not throwing it away. If the offense missed the cage two out of any three times, they immediately go to the sideline and run across and back. If they throw errant passes or throw it away in transition, again all offensive players go to the sidelines for an across-and-back.

If the offense successfully converts any four in a row, the defense goes to the sidelines and does the across and back.

There are the two diagrams at the bottom where you can see set-ups for the drill. I hope you try it and e-mail me your thoughts.

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