Coaching Drill from Lax Coach Mike: 3v2 React Drill

Defensively, we want to focus on forcing a pass and recovering to the hole with the stick in a skip-pass passing lane. It is a great time to really reinforce the talk and communication from the goalie and the defenders.

The offensive players rotate counter clockwise to the next line, while the defensive players switch lines or sides each time.


We play that if the offensive players throw it away or miss the cage three times in a row, they all immediately go to one sideline and run from one sideline to the other, both those in the drill and those who were in line to reinforce the shooting accuracy. And we quickly re-set the drill and begin immediately.

Often we will keep score, with two points for a defensive stop (including throw-aways or missed shots) and a single point for a score, and play to 15 or two games to 10. The reward is being first to a water break, while the others run a sideline across and back. This really steps up the focus.


1. Once players get the hang of the drill, now adapt it to 4v3 with the same locations and just add an offensive and a defensive line.

2. Another great variation is to vary the location of the lines to anywhere you like.

3. A third fun variation is to have the players line up, then count off 1-2-1-2 and so on to divide the team evenly for the drill, now with poles integrated into the offense and shorties on defense.

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