Minnesota-Duluth Claims Their 15th UMLC Championship

The field really started to heat up in the third quarter as both the Bulldogs and Gophers had several scoring opportunities. Joey Slattery (#9, Wayzata, MN) would make several key saves but the Gophers' Brady Haider (#38) started the exchange with a goal at 11:14 on the clock. McNamara (#10) would break through the defense around 6:20 in the quarter to put the score at 5-2 for the Bulldogs.

Tim Rondorf (#33) for the Gophers reminded the Bulldogs they weren't out of the woods yet, edging the Gophers closer to evening up with the Bulldogs. At the end of the third, the Gophers would outscore the Bulldogs 2-1, but the overall score still remained in favor of UMD.

Gaydos (#6) started the offensive run for the final quarter of the championship match. Blaeser (#3) jumped on the bandwagon with Gaydos (#6). Peterson (#15) would chime in with two goals of his own towards the end of the fourth.

The Gophers weren't quite ready to give in to the Bulldogs' bite and would score with 3:12 on the clock, but it wasn't enough to fill the gap. The end of the quarter saw the Bulldogs drain the clock with two possessions winning 9-4 and being awarded the title of 2012's UMLC Division 1 Champions.

Clark commented, "This is a very good Gopher team. I am proud of the guys. They played aggressive yet smart today which put us in a great position to win this title"

The Bulldogs ended their regular season with an UMLC record of 5 0 and an overall record of 7-7.

Next up for the Bulldogs will be the play-offs for the 2012 MCLA National Championship, and it is still TBA who they will play first. The National Championship will be played in Greenville, South Carolina and the tournament runs through May 14-19.

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