LaxPower Men's Division III Forum Poll for May 8

The LaxPower Forum Poll for Men's Division III for April 30 has been posted. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this several-year tradition, the Forum Polls are distinctive in two respects. First, the rankings are made by participating members (for the most part fans) instead of groups of coaches or media people. Second, many pollsters make comments about the teams they rank, and those comments, sometimes extensive, are posted with each poll.

[Note that there are no MD1 and WD1 polls for May 8. An MD3 poll was done this week instead of the early regular-reason poll that was omitted for this division.]

In addition to being posted on the respective Forum, this week's poll can also be accessed on the Polls page, a link to which can be found via the main Men and Women navigation buttons. Here's the direct link for the MD3 poll:

Men's Division III Forum Poll

Available for each poll is a week-by-week matrix of teams by dates (one for 2011 and one for 2012), so you can more easily track teams' changes in the rankings over time.


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