Results from the 40th Vail Lacrosse Shootout: Day 4

Results from Day 4 of the Vail Lacrosse Shootout on Tuesday, July 3 featured action in both the men's and women's elite divisions.

Men's Elite Results for Tuesday 7/3

Championship Bracket Semifinals

Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 16, Brine Elite 6
It took about a quarter for Merrill Lynch to get their feet, but once they did they held onto the lead, despite Brine's team of sharp shooters. As the game progressed Merrill Lynch started showing their strengths with sharp passing and quick shots to pull away with the win. Despite what the score may indicate, both Brine goalies played very well, but a deep Merrill roster kept them busy. Attackman Garret Thul, of Merrill Lynch, had an impressive four goals and one assist.

Maverik Elite 19, Rocky Mountain Oysters/ 7
Maverik Elite swept past the Rocky Mountain Oysters in the second semi-final game of the day. Peter Baum had an impressive six goals for Maverik Elite, and long pole Matt Harris helped ward off goals with impressive defense. Chase Calkin and Garth Heth held their own on face-offs for the Oysters, winning a total of 15 between them.

5th Place Bracket

Team Harrow 7, Big Green Herd 6
Originally it seemed as if Harrow was going to run away with the lead at halftime, but Big Green Herd stepped it up and pulled the game within one goal in the second half. A Big Green two-pointer would have won them the game, but the shot missed with five seconds left. Frazier Cavness led Harrow in scoring with a hat trick.

Denver City Lax/Encore 12, FCA Lacrosse 11 (OT)
It seemed as if FCA was going to run away with the lead, but at the end of the first half, Denver City Lax quickly caught up to tie the score at 7-7. The two teams continued to answer each other's goals for the remaining two quarters, again bringing the game to a tie at 11-11. Denver City Lax triumphed in overtime thanks to midfielder Andrew Lay, who scored the winning goal, his second of the game. Midfielder Kyle Denhoff, of FCA, achieved a hat trick as well as an assist.

Consolation Bracket

Balance Bar 17, LOFers 5
Team One's Jammin' Salmon 17, Southern Combat 7

Remaining Consolation Games
Crease Beavers 4, Tunesquad 17
Warrior X vs. Back Country Brewery
Team Gutman vs. Eager Beavers
Prestige Lacrosse vs. True Lacrosse Club

* * * *

Women's Elite

8:00am-Athletic Field- Gang Green 16, TexLax 9
8:00am-Edwards-Texas Swagger 6, Team Wild 7
9:10am-Athletic Field- LOfers 4, 9
9:10am-Edwards- Team Chipotle wins, #1 Stunner of the Month forfeits
10:20am-Athletic Field- Cole Roofing 7, True Lacrosse 5
10:20am-Edwards- Lakeshore wins, Paradise City forfits
11:30am-Athletic Field- Brat Pack 2, Portland Purple 12
11:30am- Edwards- Mile High Elite 14, Team Wild 8
12:40pm- Edwards- Lakeshore 14, Chipotle 6
12:40pm-Athletic Field- Gang Green 15, 8
1:50am- Athletic Field- Cole Roofing 12, Portland Purple 5
1:50pm- Edwards - #1 Stunner of the Month wins, Paradise Lacrosse forfeits
3:00pm-Edwards- Lofers defeats TexLax
3:00pm-Athletic- True Lacrosse 9, Brat Pack 4

* * * *

Schedule for Wednesday 7/4

Men's Elite

Championship Bracket

1pm - Ford Field Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear vs. Maverik Elite

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