Results from the 40th Vail Lacrosse Shootout: Day 5

The Championship game ended in a back and forth battle with both goalies, each came up with key saves to keep their teams within reach of the title. Cole Roofing was able to tie the game with 3:48 left on a goal by Courtney Aburn Then with 1:22 left Cole Roofing scored the winning goal on a clutch shot from Sally Roberts. Cole Roofing secured the last draw and was able to run out the clock to secure the win the game 13-12. In an incredibly impressive display Cole Roofing was playing with a player down after an injury late in the 2nd half.

Aly Josephs led the way for Gang Green with four points on two goals and two assists. Annie Lebovitez chipped in with three points on two goals and an assist; Ashley Heist finished with 12 saves.

For Cole Roofing, Sally Roberts scored a goal and added five assist. In goal, Morgan Kelly made seven saves in the championship.

3rd Place Game: 7, Portland Purple 5
5th Place Game: LOFers 9, True Lacrosse 8
7th Place Game: TexLax 14, Brat Pack 9
Consolation Championship (9th Place): Mile High 16, Lakeshore 9
11th Place Game: Chipotle wins, Team Wild forfeits
13th Place Game: Texas Swagger 12, #1 Stunner of the Month 11

Final Standings
1. Cole Roofing
2. Gang Green
4. Portland Purple
5. LOFers
6. True Lacrosse
7. TexLax
8. Brat Pack
9. Mile High Elite
10. Lakeshore
11. Team Chipotle
12. Team Wild
13. Texas Swagger
14. #1 Stunner of the Month
15. Paradise City

Women's Elite -- All-Tournament Team

Keeper of Lacrosse: Paradise Lacrosse Team
MVP: Ashley Heist Gang Green

All-Tournament Team
Kelsy McDonald -- Portland Purple
Ali Draut -- Portland Purple
Maribell Gallegos LOFers
Maddie Garcia LOFers
Bailey Zerr -- Team Chipotle
Val Feldman TexLax
Aly Josephs -- Gang Green
Caroline Atwater Caroline Atwater
Sally Roberts - Cole Roofing
Catie O'Mahoney - Cole Roofing
Courtney Aburn - Cole Roofing
Ali Berg Portland Purple Coach/Organizer

* * * *

Schedule for Thursday 7/5

U-19 Boys

Conference A
10 am - Homestake Peak School- Team Ohio vs. FCA
11 am - Homestake Peak School- Western Colo vs. Team Ohio
1 pm - Homestake Peak School- Western Colo vs. FCA

Conference B
10 am -Avon 1-Buddha's Ballers vs. Brady's Bunch
11 am - Avon 1-Blue Lion Elite vs. Laxachusetts
12 pm - Avon 1-Blue Lion Elite vs. Buddha's Ballers
1 pm - Avon 1-Laxachusetts vs. Brady's Bunch
2 pm - Avon 1-Laxacusetts vs. Buddha's Ballers
3 pm - Avon 1-Blue Lion Elite vs. Brady's Bunch

Conference C
10 am - Avon 2-HouLaGuns vs. NE 3D Select
11 am - Avon 2-Local Favorites vs. True Lacrosse
12 pm - Avon 2-Local Favorites vs. HouLaGuns
1 pm - Avon 2-True Lacrosse vs. NE 3D Select
2 pm - Avon 2-True Lacrosse vs. HouLaGuns
3 pm - Avon 2-Local Favorites vs. NE 3D Select

Conference D
10 am - Eagle Vail Field- ADRLN Tropics vs. Team Colorado
11:30 am - Eagle Vail Field- Winnipeg vs. ADRLN Tropics
1 pm - Winnipeg vs. Team Colorado

U-19 Girls

9:30 am - Edwards Turf- MN Lakers 2013 vs. Midwestern Force
10:45 am - Edwards Turf- Team Colorado vs. Team HLA
12 pm - Edwards Turf- Durangatangs vs. Puget Sound Select
1:15 pm - Edwards Turf- ALL Idaho vs. Houston Heat
9:30 am - Edwards Field 2- Denver Summit vs. Team 180
10:45 am -Edwards Field 2- Utah Mamaci Elite vs. Heros 2013
12 pm - Edwards Field 2- Indy United vs. Stars
1:15 pm - Edwards Field 2- Utah Mamaci Black vs. MN Lakers 2014/15
9:30 am -Edwards Field 3- Indy United vs. Puget Sound Select
10:45 am - Edwards Field 3- Utah Mamaci black vs. Houston Heat
12 pm - Edwards Field 3- SoCal Edge vs. MN Frosties
1:15 pm -Edwards Field 3- Denver Summit vs. Midwestern Force
9:30 am -Edwards Field 4- Durangatangs vs. Stars
10:45 am - Edwards Field 4- ALL Idaho vs. MN Lakers 2014/15
12 pm - Edwards Field 4- Blue Lions vs. MN Lakers 2016
1:15 pm - Edwards Field 4- MN Lakers 2013 vs. Team 180

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