Results from the 40th Vail Lacrosse Shootout: Final Day

Gold Bracket 3rd Place Game: Team 180 10, Puget Sound Select 9
After losing the semis, Team 180 and Puget Sound Select squared off in the third place game. The game was tight the whole way and heated, which matched the outside temperature. It was 9-9 for the 7 minutes until Team 180 scored with 38 seconds remaining. Anya Gersoff lead Team 180 with 4 goals while Amanda Roper of PSS had 3 goals.

Gold Bracket 5th Place Game: Indy United 12, Midwestern Force 5
Possession was the name of the game and Indy United owned the ball. The only thing that limited a run-away game was the outstanding play of Teal Harrison, the all-tournament goalie form Midwestern Force. With her 11 saves MFL stayed in the game. Midwestern Force hustled the entire game, but the consistent midfield play of Indy couldn't be stopped. Indy's Hope Thomas scored 4 goals in the 2nd half, which ignited the entire Indy team. During the tournament Indy lost 2 goalies to injuries and field players stepped in to fill the void.

Gold Bracket 7th Place Game: Utah Mamaci Elite 14, MN Lakers 5

Gold Bracket Championship Semifinals

Team HLA 8, Puget Sound Select 0
For the semifinal between Puget Sound Select and Team HLA it might be best to remember the number 7. Why? They were asked to play at 7:00 AM, double 7 and you get no score after 14 minutes of play, PSS goalie McKenzie Scott faced 7 shots (5 saves, 2 offensive cards), the first goal was scored by HLA at 7 minutes remaining. At this point the sleeping giant known as Team HLA awoke and finished the game scoring 8 goals to none for PSS.

Heros 2013 12, Team 180 11
Team 180 put up a good fight but just could not hold back the Heros at the end of the game. The close score of 12-11 says it all. The Heros maintained composure when it counted, the most helping the team to pull ahead in the final minutes of the game. Team 180 picked up 3 yellow cards, two of which were late in the second half. Team 180's attempt to score were quickly deflected by the Heros goalie resulting in a tough win for the Heros.

Gold Bracket Consolation Semifinals
Midwestern Force 10, MN Lakers 2013 4
Indy United 8, Utah Mamaci Elite 6

Silver Bracket Championship
Stars 9, Houston Heat 7

Silver Bracket 3rd Place Game
Colorado 10, Denver Summit 6

Silver Bracket Consolation
Blue Lions defeated Minnesota Lakers 2014/15
MN Frosties 13, Durangatangs 4

Bronze Round Robin
SoCal 10, ALL Idaho 8
MN Lakers Select 2016 9, Utah Mamaci Black 7

Gold Bracket
1. Team HLA
2. Heros 2013
3. Team 180
4. Puget Sound Select
5. Indy United
6. Midwestern Force
7. Utah Mamaci Elite
8. MN Lakers Select 2013

Silver Bracket
1. Stars
2. Houston Heat
3. Team Colorado
4. Denver Summit Lacrosse
5. Blue Lion's Lacrosse
6. MN Lakers Select 2014/15
7. MN Frosties
8. Durangatangs

Bronze Bracket
1. MN Lakers Select 2016
2. Utah Mamaci Black
3. SoCal Edge
4. ALL Idaho

All-Tournament Team
Maddie Ossello - Team Colorado
Halle Duenkell - Stars
Siena Gumbiner - Durangatangs
Caitlyn Porter - Houston Heat
Margo Judd - Utah Mamaci Elite
Natalie Fox - Puget Sound Select
Lucy Mower - Team 180
Megan Pettine - Heros 2013
Delaney Norris - Heros 2013
Makensie Smith - Team HLA
Holly Majorana - Team HLA
Erica Bodt - Team HLA
Teal Harrsion - Midwestern Force

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