Results from the 40th Vail Lacrosse Shootout: Final Day

Taylor Ranftle - Team HLA

Coaches' Award
Liz Melahn - Team Colorado

Keeper of Lacrosse
Kelsey MacDonald - Durangatangs
Taylor MacDonald - Durangatangs

* * * *


Championship Game: Elder Statesmen 10, C2C Magic Wands 7
Just like their Eldest counterparts, the Elder Statesmen took another championship in the Supermasters division at the Shootout. Although the Magic Wands were able to come close a few times, the Statesmen were always quick to widen the lead. Division MVP Brian Silcott left no doubts that he earned the recognition after scoring yet another hat trick.

3rd Place Game
Millennium Rock-it-Pocket 7, Yellow Dog 6 (OT)

Consolation Championship
Moondoggies 10, Middlebury 4

7th Place Game
Navy Old Goats 7, Cactus Lacrosse 4

Lower Bracket Games
Aged Spirits 12, Mad Greens 7
Vendetta's 5, Galileo 4

All-Tournament Team
Keeper of Lacrosse Award
Sean Fox- Elder Statesmen

Brian Silcott - Elder Statesmen

Paul Thomas- C2C Magic Wands
Sam Hover- Millennium/Rock-it-Pocket
Cort Kim- Elder Statesmen

Doug Gulick- C2C Magic Wands
Jeff Wyatt-Mad Greens
Randy Fraser- Elder Statesmen

Long Stick Middie
Doug Appleton- Elder Statesmen

Face Off
Rocco Guglielmo–C2C Magic Wands

Rob Perella- Yellow Dog
Zack Colburn- C2C Magic Wands
Dan Pratt- Elder Statesmen
Tim Schurr- C2C Magic Wands

Danny Cisneros- Millennium/Rock-it-Pocket

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