Uganda Lacrosse - Report on the 2012 Kings Cup Tournament

What follows is an unedited report of the 2012 Kings Cup tournament in Uganda, where a number of American lacrosse players have journeyed to help support the development of the sport.

The second Uganda Lacrosse season re-opened on the 4th August 2012 with the perennial Kings Cup tournament 2012. The Kings Cup is the first Lacrosse competition on African soil. It is also the biggest lacrosse competitive event on the Uganda Lacrosse calendar. Teams faced-off in qualifiers for the semifinals. The games were at the Makerere Main Grounds, Kampala.


The rugged Kings faced-off against usual underachievers Strykers. This is another match-up that is quickly becoming a rivalry. Kings cost Strykers crucial points in the Uganda Lacrosse League last season that saw Strykers lose ground on the league title at a critical time.

Thanks to the ever reliable Strykers first team forward, Ken Kasule, who notched the winner in 15th minute of extra time, Strykers were spared the blushes, again.

After falling behind in the 25:48, due to clumsy handling from their goalie of an innocuous shot, Strykers came back in the 48:15 minute through a goal from forward Bokech. Ken Kasule came to Strykers rescue in extra time with the game winner.

Strykers face-off against the Kings (in green)


This game was the 'main event' of the qualifiers. This is now the biggest rivalry in Uganda Lacrosse, the heat got turned up last season when Oneonta notched the League Championship from Warriaz by just a point on the last day of the league. Warriaz had led the table for virtually the entire league season.

Oneonta, the Uganda Lacrosse League Champs, came into the tournament as favorites, from past match-ups with Warriaz (4-0-0). They got knocked out at the first hurdle, they are still reeling from this disappointment. This is their worst performance in competitive lacrosse so far.

This highly charged game started with two missed sitters from Oneonta forward, Sam. Warriaz got ahead with a goal from Joe 'Van Dam' Kaviiri at10:15, he celebrated this goal the usual way, 6 back flips and a split. The game then went into see-saw mode with both sides having great chances. Warriaz Joe had 5 shots saved in the entire game, Oneonta forward Ryan had 4 great shots saved by brilliant Warriaz goalie, Jimmy Okello.

Warriaz pulled away with another goal at 47:58 from captain, Douglas Nyakana.He had a brilliant game after a while of mediocre performances for his standards. Warriaz sealed the win with another goal from forward Peter at 55:48. He celebrated his goal by giving the Oneonta goalie a knee groin thrust, he was penalized 3 minutes for un-sportsman-like conduct.

Game 03, Warriaz! Sweet revenge!

Warriaz middies Peter and Nyakana celebrate after the final whistle.

Warriaz have defenseman, John Paul and their fine defense to thank for this almost flawless defeat of their bitter rivals. Oneonta captain and Uganda Lacrosse MVP, Patrick Oriana, was a no-show this time as him and his team was locked out by the brilliant defensive show from Warriaz.

Uganda Women's Lacrosse also had an exhibition game between the Angels and the Red Doves, which the Angels won 64. Former Northwestern women's attack, Hillary Bowen and current attack Caroline Gersuk and Amanda Macaluso were guest players in the teams.

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