High School Lacrosse Sponsorship and Participation Rates

Lacrosse at the high school level has grown well over 100% just since 2001 and is continuing to expand rapidly while most other sports are not. In fact, lacrosse remains among the top three fastest growing sports among those that are in the top 15 in popularity. Last year and again in 2012, girls' lacrosse cracked the top 10 in number of participants, with 75,000 players at schools covered by the recently released NFHS survey.

Boys' lacrosse placed 13th in sponsorship (number of schools) and 11th in participants (nmuber of athletes). Girls' lacrosse also finished 13th in sponsorship but was 10th in participation. These figures are unchanged from a year ago.

Data on school sponsorship and student participation are compiled annually by the National Federation of State High School Associations, and we have again created a summary of the NFHS data, which includes both data tables and graphs that present figures longitudinally.

Over the period from 2001 through 2012, the number of high schools sponsoring boys' and girls' lacrosse increased by 149.3% and 170.5%, respectively. The number of students participating in lacrosse rose by 140.6% for boys and 131.4% for girls. For more detailed information, see the full report.

Note that NFHS's universe is limited, so there are about 1,100 boys' and 600 girls' lacrosse teams and their participants not included in the totals. In many states, the NFHS umbrella does not include all schools. High schools in states where lacrosse is not officially sanctioned are simply not reflected in NFHS figures.


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