Newtown Lacrosse Community Extends a Thank-You

On behalf of the entire Newtown lacrosse community, please accept our sincerest thanks to all those who have reached out to us in the past week.

While we in Newtown are obviously in the direct path of this tragedy, we know that parents and people everywhere have been impacted by the events that took place in our town on December 14th. Because of the communal embrace we have felt from all of you, we do not feel alone as we struggle through loss and grief towards a place of healing. The depth of sympathy and many gestures of love and support from people around the world have touched us all deeply.

We are especially proud of how our lacrosse family has responded. It will always be with us, a shining light helping us find our way out of the dark. It has been emblematic of the people who make our sport so special, illustrative of the true potential of people to rise above chaos and come together as a caring society in what can often be an uncaring and dangerous world.

Please know that with your continued support, we will move forward with an unflagging resolve to let our children know they are safe. We have a great deal of pride in our community, and we are certain as should all of you be that Newtown, CT will continue to thrive as a great place to live, a great place to raise a family, and a great place to play lacrosse.

Peace be with you all in this Holiday Season.


Maura Fletcher, Head Coach, NHS Girls' Lacrosse
Glenn Adams, Head Coach, NHS Boys' Lacrosse
Jeff Tousignant, President, Newtown Youth Lacrosse
Woody Thompson, Director, Newtown Lacrosse Booster Club


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