Tufts Suspends 27 Lacrosse Players for Two Games

The Tufts Daily reports that "Twenty-seven members of the men's lacrosse team have been penalized with a two-game suspension after an external investigation found that the athletes were guilty of "unacceptable behavior" at a women's volleyball home game against Smith College last semester, according to Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Students John Barker and Director of Athletics Bill Gehling.

"The Office of Equal Opportunity hired an attorney in September to conduct an external investigation after a Tufts student alleged that the athletes harassed Smith volleyball players at the Sept. 21 game from the stands in Cousens Gymnasium. The student accused the players of calling out sexist and racist insults that disparagingly referenced the Smith players by name and threatened them during the game."

Full details of the story are available at the Tufts Daily web site, and an information/opinion piece in the Daily can be found at this link.


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