Update re: MD Bill to Require Headgear in Girls' Lacrosse

US Lacrosse CEO Steve Stenersen confirmed today that Maryland General Assembly Delegates Jon Cardin (D) and Dana Stein (D) have agreed to major modifications to the language on House Bill 1123, which they co-sponsored.

Stenersen noted that the delegates agreed to allow US Lacrosse to provide updated language for the bill that will drastically modify its original intent. Instead of mandating headgear use by youth and high school players, the focus of the bill will change to requiring mandatory sport-specific education, training and certification for youth and high school coaches, consistent with US Lacrosse education curricula.

"They are effectively pulling the bill, which is wonderful news," Stenersen said. "We are thrilled that the delegates are willing to work with us and are supportive of this change."

* * * *

Original story: A bill was introduced on February 8 in Maryland that would "require a girls' lacrosse youth sports program operated by a county board or public school in the state to require each athlete to wear protective head gear during practices and games ... A recreational athletic organization that operates a girls' lacrosse youth sports program shall require each athlete to wear protective head gear during practices and games." (excerpt from House Bill 1123)

The bill, which was assigned to the Ways and Means Committee, sites the risks of facial and head injuries, including concussions, as reasons for the legislation. It states that protective head gear "means a helmet that complies with the design and protective standards set forth by the concussion task force."

You see the bill itself at this link (PDF file).


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