Chasing a Dream Come True ... from D-III to D-I Lacrosse

And the transition to Division I...?

"With Division I athletics, it is more demanding, but Penn State University and its athletic department are very helpful with providing the resources that I need, like tutors, study hall, psychologists and administrators to help with the scheduling of classes that I need to fit around practices. That all comes as a reward of working your way to that level."

Brady went on to add that she even had a nursing class that overlapped with a practice schedule during the week and feared that the head coach would be upset. However, she was surprised that the coaching staff were all very supportive and understanding and accommodated the players' class schedules.

"We want all of our players to major in something that they're passionate about and I'm very excited to see how she can make it work," said Doherty. "I know Victoria can make it work with both the nursing program and playing lacrosse."

While Brady begins a new chapter in her life at the main campus of Penn State University, she agrees that the experience at Penn State Abington was a key turning point in her college life.

"I wouldn't change anything about my time at Abington. I think that everything that happened, the good, the bad, and the challenges, were the reason that I was able to decide what I wanted to do this year at main campus. Being at Abington at first, I was like, 'I want to be at main campus right away, I don't want to start small,' but looking back at it, Abington was the best thing that happened to me," Brady added.

"The small-to-large transition really helped, the friends I made here on campus and on the team are my best friends and they just come up and visit or I come home and see them on the weekends."

For someone who had a dream to play Division I lacrosse, she once gave up that dream to pursue her passion for nursing. That all changed once she transferred to Penn State University. She intended to pursue that nursing dream. Unbeknownst to her, Brady also caught her other dream that she once gave up on, playing Division I lacrosse, back as well.

"It's still unreal to me, going to practice dressed in all our Penn State gear, being on the field. You can see Beaver Stadium all around you and I just feel so blessed and lucky to be there. I carry that with me all the time, even when I'm going to class wearing my Penn State jacket, I feel so much pride because I didn't get there based on being recruited or being seen, I walked on and made the team myself through hard work."

When asked what experiences impacted her most during her time at Abington and if she could change one thing about Abington, Brady stated, "Deb has been a huge inspiration in my life and I'm so glad I got to play for her for a year, it was such an amazing experience. My best friend was a teammate of mine. I taught her how to play at Abington last year and she still plays now. I wouldn't change anything about Abington. It was a tight knit family there and I still keep in touch with everyone there."

Victoria Brady and the #10 Penn State women's lacrosse team are currently training for the upcoming 2013 season, as the Nittany Lions will look to build off a successful 2012 campaign that saw the program earn its most wins since 2005 and third straight double-digit win season.

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