Brooklyn Lacrosse Club Welcomes Bridge Waterfront Fields

The mission of the Brooklyn Lacrosse Club is to bring the sport to the youth of Brooklyn, emphasizing fundamentals, teamwork, respect, and Brooklyn. The essence of the organization is the belief that lacrosse should be made accessible to all children.

The last few decades had seen a reemergence of the sport in all parts of the country. However, this growth has encountered hurdles in urban areas. Barriers such as cost, field space, perception and logistics have stood in the way of lacrosse flourishing in the inner cities. The Brooklyn Lacrosse Club has emerged with the mission of removing these barriers. One of the biggest pieces of this puzzle was finding a home to support this vision.

Today, the Brooklyn Bridge Waterfront stands ready to serve the people of the community again. Born as a ferry terminus, spending much of its life as a shipping destination, the waterfront is now poised to give Brooklyn access to nature and a more active lifestyle.

Access to this stretch of public parkland was exactly what the Brooklyn Lacrosse Club was looking for when in search of its new home. This spot offers Brooklyn Lacrosse the chance to remove the barriers of entry that lacrosse faces in urban areas:

Cost - Free permitting for youth groups allows for reduced program cost

Field space - Beautifully maintained, with amenities for the whole family

Perception- Playing in public park creates an inviting and accessible environment

Logistics - Within walking distance of many modes of mass transit at what is the epicenter of New York City

For more on the Brooklyn Lacrosse Club, which is a 501(c)3 organization, and to read the full text of the article, which includes considerable historical information, please visit their web site.


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