Campbell Women's Lacrosse Outlook for the 2013 Season

After a successful fall ball campaign, the Fighting Camels are preparing to kick off their inaugural season in Buies Creek this Saturday. Head coach Phil Schuman is looking forward to bringing lacrosse to Campbell and showcasing the sport to the community.

The Coach's Take

Campbell's first-year roster has 14 members: one senior, four juniors, and nine freshmen. Although the team is low in numbers, Schuman is optimistic for a productive season if the team can stay healthy.

"If we can stay healthy I have a lot of confidence that we can win a lot more games than people expect us to particularly people outside of our locker room," Schuman said. "We talk to our kids about ignoring the noise, which is anyone outside of the walls of our locker room, because anyone outside looks at us and doesn't expect us to do much. We have supreme belief that we can do a lot more than that if we stay healthy."

The team has prepared for the upcoming season by taking a holistic approach to training. Yoga, non-contact stick work, and weight room exercises have highlighted preseason preparations. The Camels understand that being a first-year program comes with the pressure to win as much as possible.

Schuman stresses that the team must not rush into the season, but take it one practice, one game at a time, and success will come.

"We tell the kids it's a marathon not a sprint and we try to remember that in pretty much everything we do," commented Schuman. "We are competitive as heck and we want to win every time we are out on the field so it's a balancing act."


The lone keeper on the team, junior Brittany Kincer will help anchor the Fighting Camel defense. She is a transfer from Anne Arundel Community College, and was the best junior college goalie in the country last year. She will be the most experienced defender on the team, as she played in the JC National Championship with Anne Arundel.

On Kincer, Schuman notes, "We had the opportunity to bring her in and be our starter this year and know that she would be a lead-by-example kid - someone that would show up, do her job, work hard and show our youngsters what it's all about. She's kind of the seasoned veteran, and I think we are lucky to have her, someone back there that isn't going to get rattled."


Defensively, there is a hodge-podge of players in front of Kincer. Many of the Camels that will be on defense this year were mostly offensive players in high school, and are transitioning to the other end of the field.

Three mainstays on the defensive line will be senior Lauren Kuklenski and freshmen Jillian Summers and Hannah Lamb.

Kuklenski, a former Campbell women's soccer player, will lend leadership to the team, as she has played on a collegiate team before. Schuman describes her as a "freak athlete" who finishes first in almost any practice drill, from conditioning to lifting to short and long-distance running.

Summers is one of the most enthusiastic players in practice. She is a talented athlete "who listens, asks a ton of questions and is going to be really good on the ball," Schuman notes.

Lamb is in a completely different position than what she was used to playing in high, and she has embraced the role. She has bettered herself as an athlete in the weight room with strength coach Andrew Carter, and has improved on her numbers from the fall. Schuman says, "If we looked at her numbers from day one in comparison to where they are now, it's pretty wild to see, so we've been impressed with her work ethic and we are happy to have her back there."

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