Campbell Women's Lacrosse Outlook for the 2013 Season

The fourth and final defender will be a player that normally runs in the midfield. Schuman and assistant coach Lindsey McDonald will try different combinations of players to find the one that best fits the Camels' style of play.


The midfield will bolster the Fighting Camel attack this year. There is a variety of girls with different strengths that will give the offense as many chances to score as possible.

Freshman Kaki Armiger is one of the players who can play in the midfield and on defense. She is another great athlete who was an all-state swimmer in high school and runs her 5k in under 19 minutes. "She was just born to be an athlete," Schuman said. She has been improving her stick work on offense, and has been working on being that transitional player from defense of the midfield.

Another freshman, Rebecca Sheinfeld, can get up and down the field and can do a little bit of everything on both sides of the ball. Although she is shorter in stature than her teammates, she has a knack for finding the cage and doesn't shy away from contact. She has battled back from injury this fall, and is ready for the season.

Junior captain Cloey Henchcliffe was a first team JC All-American at Anne Arundel. Schuman notes "she is probably our most dynamic threat in the midfield from an offensive point of view. Her defensive game is coming along nicely." As a captain, she will provide leadership for the midfield, and will be an anchor in the attack.

Erica Hitch, another freshman, will also be playing in a different role than she did in high school. She has moved back from the attack to lend help in the midfield. She is another great athlete with a quick first step. The coaching staff is confident she will beat the other team on the run, and her speed will energize the CU offense.

Freshmen Jordan Spain and April Reinhart are battling back from fall ball injuries. Spain is expected to return to action early in the season to lend a hand in the midfield. Reinhart tore her ACL in the fall, and her recovery has been productive. In the spring preseason, she has been running straight-line drills as she continues to overcome the injury.


Four players will rotate in the attacking lineup this year. The offensive line will be led by junior Taelar Errington. A transfer form Univeristy of Maryland-Baltimore County, she knows what it will take to be successful at the collegiate level. She is the other captain of the team, and has fought through some nagging injuries already this year. Schuman is excited to see her play for CU this year. "You would have to literally drag her off the field to get her to stop playing," he said. "She is very dynamic, dynamic with the ball in her stick and I think is going to be a leader on the offensive end for us."

Rounding out the junior class, Lauren Frick is another player who came over from the CU women's soccer team and is a lefty attacker. She's battled some injuries over the year, but her stick has gotten so much better. "She's been working with our staff a lot and we really appreciate her work ethic and where she is, so we will be interested to see how she comes along throughout the spring," Schuman commented.

Freshman Loren Day was a high school All-American and is a very dynamic player. She has a strong first step and can finish from different angles a lot of different ways: she can be a dodger, she can catch and score, and she can drive and dump.

Finally, a freshman from Raleigh, N.C., Sierra Fox is getting better every day and has a really great attitude. She is always trying to get better and is always listening during practice. "We think that she is a kid that can get better as the year goes by on the attack," said Schuman. "She is very flexible; she played mostly played on the defensive end in the fall but we feel like she is better on the attacking end so we are excited to see how she progresses throughout the spring."

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