Coming Home: Cal's Seniors Get Closure to a Turbulent Ride

"I am so happy that the historic feel of the stadium was not sacrificed from the renovations," Rozelle said. "You still get that same feeling of amazement and awe when you walk through the tunnel. However, now when you look up and see the press boxes and the facilities that are inside, that feeling is amplified to another level."

With so many amenities like study facilities, dining halls, locker rooms, training rooms and a large weight room, the entire Student-Athlete High Performance Center has become a second home for the Bears. The facility also allows for the lacrosse team to bond with Cal student-athletes from other programs.

Like all of the Bears, Rozelle has taken full advantage of the new opportunities that have come with not only Memorial Stadium but also the high performance center.

"The locker rooms, weight room and sports medicine facilities are truly incredible," Rozelle said. "We now have the facilities to support the caliber of athletes at Cal. We have greatly improved our strength and conditioning with the new resources available to us. One new addition we have that I think is particularly beneficial is the underwater treadmill. I have personally had the opportunity to use this in the past for diversifying my conditioning."

Tuesday's game against Saint Mary's kickoffs a four-game homestand so Cal will get plenty of opportunities to get adjusted and settled into their new home of old.

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