Picking Contest Results for Week No. 2; Enter Week No. 3

Enter Week #3 of the Contest

You can enter the next installment of the contest any time until Friday at 6:00 p.m. ET. If you have not already registered, you must do so before entering (even if a Forum member; see last paragraph). The contest pages can be found at

You will also find these links on the right side of LaxPower's home page. Click the Enter link in the row for this week's contest. Each week, a slate of 10 games will be presented, and participants will attempt to pick the winners. The two overall winners will be the people picking the highest percentage of games correctly over the course of the contest. The weekly winners will be determined the same way, but the number of points in games picked correctly will be used as a tie-breaker (you will allocate 20 points by assigning 1-4 for each game based on your confidence in the outcome).

You may enter as many or as few installments of a contest as you like but must enter at least 8 to be eligible for the overall title. We are planning to run the contests for 10 weeks, with the final installment during the tournament. If you enter all 10, your lowest score will be dropped.

If you have not already signed up, visit the 'Register' link at either of the contest pages above. You must supply a username (needed to post results) and e-mail address (used to track results across contests). However, one registration allows you to participate in all installments of both contests.

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