Player Impact Ratings for D1-D3 for the 2013 Lacrosse Season

Who's the best player at attack in the men's or women's college ranks? In more seasons than not, questions like that generate considerable debate. Assessments of players - including those involved in the selection of All-Americans - tend to be quite subjective. On the other hand, looking at traditional individual player statistics in isolation can be misleading.

Larry Feldman, who started and still maintains the computer ratings program, began working on statistics-based ratings of players last year. His latest effort is Player Impact Ratings, which cover the three men's and women's NCAA divisions and take teams' strength of schedule into account. Therefore, a player on a top team facing a tough group of opponents isn't disadvantaged relative to a player on a lesser team whose opponents are on average much weaker.

The current player ratings for the 2013 season can be accessed at the link below. Simply use the Division and Position selectors to view the area(s) of interest to you. Weekly updates are planned. However, at this point, the ratings for Division I are generally based on more games played.

2013 Player Impact Ratings

Ratings/rankings are available for the four primary positions for each of the three men's and three women's NCAA divisions. To see the full sets of rankings and explanations for what goes into them, head to the link at the top of the listings. The site also has a wealth of other data that you may find of interest.


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