K-Hawks Anti-Bullying Program Goes to Fairport

(March 21, 2013) ... The Rochester Knighthawks are returning to the classroom on Tuesday, March 26th as they bring their "We Got Your Back" Anti-Bullying message to the Northside School in Fairport. The players will speak to two groups of 350 kids from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. Joe Walters and Tyler Burton will interact with the third to fifth graders as they convey their anti-bullying stance.

Burton recently completed the first anti-bullying event in Canada, as he addressed 300 elementary kids, ages 4-13, at Jamieson Elementary/J.C Hill. On March 20th, Burton joined teammate Craig Point and teacher Dave Sowden, who works as the Knighthawks Assistant Athletic Trainer, at the school in Ohsweken, Ontario.

"Tyler Burton did a nice job putting everything together. It was also nice to have someone from our own community address the students. A round of applause went out for Craig as soon as he was introduced," said Sowden. "Craig's boys attend Jamieson School and it was an all-round positive experience for both Craig and his family to be promoting the anti-bullying campaign."

"It was great being able to bring the anti-bullying program to another community because bullying affects everyone. The kids were very responsive to the program," said Burton. "It was only an hour from my house (in London, Ontario), so it was nice to be so close to home."

The appearance was the eighth anti-bullying event of the season by the defending NLL Champions. Cosgrove Middle School in Spencerport helped the Knighthawks launch the program, which was created by Ann Marie Leonardi of Hurricanes Lacrosse. Last season, the Knighthawks signed an anti-bullying pledge to kick off their 2012 season. This year, the team has already conveyed their anti-bullying message to over 2,000 local school children.

The next event will take the Knighthawks to the Victor YMCA at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 28th. Walters and Burton will talk to 70 kids at the Victor Primary School at 953 High Street.

To learn more about the Knighthawks' anti-bullying program, go to www.knighthawks.net/antibullying.


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