3d Rising - Player Evaluations from 3d Lacrosse, 4/23

#30 Jake Pulver
Fayetteville-Manlius High School, Manlius, NY
Jr. Defense
Rating: "Player"

Jake is Josh's little brother, or maybe I should I say, his younger brother. A couple of inches taller, Jake is also a talented defender who is going to make game day a frustrating experience for any opponent. Jake plays excellent man-to-man defense and has good stick skills on top of that. He anticipates passes and knocks down or intercepts opponents' passes. If he shows more of his brother's snarl, no one will want to take the ball to the Hornets' goal.

#20 Dan Cahill
Fayetteville-Manlius High School, Manlius, NY
Sr. Midfield
Rating: "Player"

Besides going 1-1-2 against West Genesee in his first game of the season, Dan also won more than his share of face-offs, played strong man-to-man defense, and cleared the ball with authority. College coaches are going to like his ability to play at both ends of the field. Nothing flashy, just hard-nosed hustle and smart decisions in every corner of the field.

* * * *

C.W. Baker High School

Despite an enormous roster of 38, Baldwinsville looks like they might struggle against the top teams in Section III as the season begins. They've got good athletes, and their goalie is one of the best in the land, but goals might be hard to come by at this time, and even a very good goalie needs help in front of him. The Bees have dodgers, but their quickness didn't generate good scoring opportunities. Maybe that will come as the season progresses, but after three games, Baldwinsville has scored just 14 goals, admittedly against some pretty good opposition. They'll get better, but how much better will be something to follow.

#23 Parker Ferrigan
C.W. Baker High School, Baldwinsville, NY
Sr. Goalie
Rating: "Legit"

Parker is a three-year starter and very capable stopper. He directs his defense confidently and has a knack for turning difficult shots into routine saves. He has great outlets skills and won't hesitate to carry the ball up field himself, and if you think he's slowing down at the midfield line, you're mistaken. The right-hander has all the tools to continue his exciting play at the next level (in this case, Syracuse University).

* * * *

Liverpool High School

Liverpool is the defending Class A champ, and despite some big losses to graduation, they look like they plan to stay on top for a while. They do have experience at the defensive end of the field, and their zone defense looks like it will make scoring even more difficult this year. They're a lot less experienced at the offensive end of the field, but offense-by-committee has worked so far any of their top six or seven short sticks can put the ball in the net or make the big pass, and so far that's working. Will opponents fare any better the second time through the schedule or in the post-season? Stay tuned.

#25 Dominick Madonna
Liverpool High School, Liverpool, NY
Sr. Goalie
Rating: "Player"

After just two games, Dominick has a gaudy 76.7 save percentage and is playing with a lot of confidence here in the early season. Liverpool's solid zone defense means he sees a lot of low-percentage shots made in frustration, but even when opponents do manage to get a good scoring chance from the inside, Dom is there to shut them down. He makes good clearing decisions and is capable of making the long throw to a teammate open downfield.

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