3d Rising - Player Evaluations from 3d Lacrosse, 5/01

3d Lacrosse specializes in superior training for individuals and teams and operates events and tournaments as well as select travel teams. The organization, founded by former Division I coach Jamie Munro, assists players and coaches using a compre­hen­sive system of lacrosse development that exposes young players to the tactics and strategies implemented at the NCAA level. 3d Lacrosse applies the "Box/Field Hybrid™ Development System," which Munro pioneered at the University of Denver.

LaxPower will carrying periodic player reports from 3d Lacrosse. Field staff attend high school games around the country and provide player evaluations and ratings. The ratings are either legit (likely a Division I scholarship player), player (likely a Division I recruit), and watch list (has the potential to be a Division I player; need to see more, needs to grow, mature, or develop to be sure-fire D1).

This report covers players on four high school teams in New York: Farmingdale, Smithtown West, Uniondale, and Port Washington.

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Farmingdale High School

Farmingdale High School, headed by Coach Hartranft and assisted by Eric Dunne, might have one of the most underrated defenses on Long Island. Allowing just under 5 goals against per game, this defense is well coached, aggressive and plays extremely well together. Despite losing every face-off in the first half, the Dalers let up only 4 goals in the 1st half to Smithtown West. Farmingdale, sliding to collide, plays hard-nosed defense, making teams second guess whether or not they should feed the ball inside. Leading this squad on the defensive end and being blessed with one of the better names in high school sports, let us begin this 3d Rising report with the Dallas Creamer.

#27 Dallas Creamer 2014
Farmingdale High School
Position: Defense
Sub-position: On Ball Shut-down
Rating: Player

While Creamer is a big guy at 6' 5" and 200 pounds, he does all the little things right. This kid is a rangy, cerebral, fundamental defenseman. He will play the opponents best guy and covers the low left spot in the Farmingdale's black hole zone defense. I thought one of the most impressive things about Creamer is that he is so big, yet he is so unassuming. Simply because he does his job without any flash. He is all business on the field as he stays in front his man, has perfect stick and body positioning, gets his stick in passing lanes when they are in a zone and never does too much during a clear. This is one of more underrated D-men I've seen all year.

#10 Tom Kennedy 2014
Farmingdale High School
Position: Midfield
Sub-position: Two-Way
Rating: Watch List

Raw, fast and a straight up athlete. One of the strongest and fastest kids on the field, Kennedy is about 6' and a solid 200 pounds. Picking up a stick in only 8th grade, Kennedy is now the go-to guy for the Dalers, doing it all. He plays wings on face-offs, plays man-down and runs on the first midfield line. I will definitely need to see this kid develop throughout the season to decide whether or not he can play at the Division I level, but at first glance the sky is the limit for how good he can become.

#50 Navreet Dhaliwahl 2013
Farmingdale High School
Position: Defense
Sub-position: With Ball Transition
Rating: Player

If there is one word to describe Navreet Dhaliwahl, it would be behemoth. Navreet is a thick, powerful and scary man, who plays with a chip on his shoulder. There was one situation where Navreet brought the ball over the midfield line and Smithtown extended on the adjacent passes. Seeing that no one was open and a guy was approaching him, he decided to run him over. The hit really woke up the crowd and got me asking, "Who was that?" After discussing the habits of Navreet with Dunne after the game, he said, "he has a 4.0 GPA and is one of the most coachable kids I've ever had." As soon as I heard this, I knew should be considered a Player.

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