3d Rising - Player Evaluations from 3d Lacrosse, 5/01

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Port Washington

Port Washington, headed by Coach Tom Rooney, is comprised of savvy players and great leadership. John Crawley (Hopkins-bound senior) leads the Vikings in points and is an all-around great leader. He has a solid supporting cast of young talent that have high lacrosse IQs. The defense is young, but very skilled. They work very well together and are led by one of the youngest varsity goalies on Long Island. Let's start out with number #20, Nicky Ferraro.

#20 Nick Ferraro 2016
Port Washington High School
Position: Goalie
Sub-position: Stopper, Quick Hands, and Quick Outlets
Rating: Player

Rooney says that Nick might have some of the best hands he's seen on a goalie in a long time. It's hard to argue after seeing Nick play in person. This is the 3rd or 4th time I've seen this kid in action. Each time I am more and more impressed. He has a great awareness, tracking balls with such ease and finesse, that he sort of makes the game look easy. Saving shots clean allows Nick to get the ball out of his stick quicker and create easy transition opportunities for his team. I definitely think he needs to be more vocal and have greater command presence in net. I am sure this will come with time being that he is still just a freshman.

#28 Sam Littman 2014
Port Washington High School
Position: Defenseman
Sub-position: #1 Cover Guy
Rating: Watch-list

Sam is a cerebral defenseman, who throws checks only when necessary. No wasted motion in Sam's game. He is Port's number one cover guy. He is the type of kid who can be matched up against different types of attackmen and still get the job done. If a kid is big and powerful, he has the ability to body him up. If a kid is quick and shifty, he has the ability to break down and stay in front. I really like how #28 goes about his business.

#19 John Neil 2015
Port Washington High School
Position: Defense
Sub-position: Cover Guy, Close Defender
Rating: Watch-list

John Neil is a big 6' 5" sophomore defenseman. He is rangy and athletic. Neil closes in on those he guards quickly and efficiently for a guy of his size and stature. I didn't see Neil challenged much in this outing and for good reason. He is an intimidating body on the field. Rooney foresees Neil developing into a good one if he continues to work on his game over the next few years.

#25 Ryan Gary 2014
Port Washington High School
Position: Midfield
Sub-position: Two-way Middie, Initiator
Rating: Watch List

Gary is an unorthodox two-way midfielder. While this may sound like a backhanded compliment, I do mean it strictly as a positive. Gary has explosive speed and is a great north-south dodger. He doesn't even need to put a move on defensemen. His downhill dodging and speed makes him the perfect option to initiate offense for his team. With his head up and eyes on the open man, he moves the ball quickly and effectively. The Vikings also use Gary on the defensive side of the field. His speed and physicality makes him an extremely tough short stick to beat.

#18 Danny Grossman 2014
Port Washington High School
Position: Attack
Sub-position: Finisher, Feeder
Rating: Watch-List

Danny Grossman does a lot the little things well. He moves well without the ball, finishes the ball from within 8 yards and gets the ball out of his stick quickly. Grossman compliments the rest of his teammate's well being that he is always looking for the next play to be the right one.

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