3d Rising - Player Evaluations from 3d Lacrosse, 5/19

Chris Roach 2013
St. Mark's School, Texas
Roll Tide
Position: Goalie
Sub Position: Big in Net, Defensive QB
Rating: Watch List

In the net, commanding one of the most imposing defenses we've seen in quite some time, stands Chris Roach. Chris Roach is an imposing 6'1" and takes up all kinds of room in the 6x6. From a technique and ball stopping stand point, you'll find few better in Texas as this player has played at an elite level since middle school. Whether it's playing the angles, standing tall inside, or the 1 vs. 1 save, Roach has all the tools. An athlete, Roach also attacks ground balls, picks off skips, and runs the clear. Playing on both sides of the ball in football, he is, without a doubt, the quarterback of the defense and clear. When clearing the ball, the kid drops dimes. Immediately up and out to an over the shoulder middie, Roach consistently puts the ball where it needs to be. One quality trait of a big time goalie is the ability to remain calm and unflappable when the pressure is on. Roach has ice in his veins, always looking to make the next play. A player who rises to the occasion, Roach has the respect of his defense and positions them appropriately. If he can get hot down the stretch run, the Lions could make yet another Final 4 run to try and claim that elusive State Championship.

Jack Fojtasek 2015
St. Mark's School, Texas
Position: Attack
Sub Position: X attackman, Dodge & Feeder
Rating: Watch List

St. Mark's has boasted a long line of skilled offensive talent that contributes early. Fojtasek is the next in line. Starting his freshman year, Fojto has logged serious minutes in quality matches. Shifty and smooth, Fojtasek has both hands all day. With the ability to get his hands free and keep his eyes up, Jack does a great job getting his teammates quality looks. On the crease, Fojtasek is slippery, regularly finding pockets of space. Once his hands are free, he deposits the ball in the back regularly. One of Fojtasek's most under-rated qualities is his competitive excellence. The kid has the desire to be great. He puts pressure on himself to perform and raises his level of play in big time games. Kid is fearless and will play with reckless abandon when necessary. Not afraid to take a hit, Fojtasek sticks his nose right in the middle of the toughest defense. It doesn't hurt when you compete daily against two of the best in the State! In the ride, Fojtasek is equally relentless and uses his athleticism to create turnovers and goal scoring opportunities. He carries on the tradition of great #9s at St. Mark's and will continue to develop into one of the best Marksmen the league has seen.

Tommy Addy 2014
St. Mark's School, Texas
Position: Attackman
Sub Position: Lefty Carrying, Dodging Finisher
Rating: Watch List

One of the most important players on the St. Mark's roster is the lefty attackman, Tommy Addy. Addy is also a smooth player who regularly gets to his spot topside of opposing defenseman. Players know he's a lefty, and he still gets to that side. A strong and elusive dodger, Addy has had a rough time due to injuries which have limited him in the last year. At this point, he's as close to 100% as we've seen him in a while and starting to round into form. Whether it's catching & finishing on a fast break on the left corner, getting a step and turning it, or bringing it with time and room, Addy is a solid addition to any squad. A dominant, athletic lefty makes any offense work; for St. Mark's School, they've really missed Addy. In addition to his ability to finish, Addy has a big frame. Getting opposing defenders on his hip, Addy rocks them into stepping down field and underneath. There's a little Jordan in his back down game. Now, if he could add the question mark to his repertoire when carrying to the right side, he would give defenses fits. The remainder of this season is big for Addy, and the Lions will go as far as he can take them.

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