3d Rising - Player Evaluations from 3d Lacrosse, 5/19

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Highland Park

Robert Mencke 2014
Highland Park, Texas
Harvard Commit
Position: Midfield
Sub Position: Two Way
Rating: Legit

Robert Mencke is a dynamic midfielder who beats people on impact and can finish. Mencke was a solid force in the Scots 2012 Championship run and follows the mold of many Highland Park prototypical mids. At Highland Park, transition is key, and Scots mids are obligated to play on both sides of the ball. Due to Mencke's athleticism, he has no problems playing at a high level defensively as it often translates to transition opportunities. Whether it's drawing the slide and moving the ball with purpose, finishing in set looks, or sticking it pipe and in when the slide is late, Mencke is dominant here in the state of Texas. Mencke anchors a solid first line of HP mids and usually draws the pole. He does not shy away from the challenge as he is skilled and athletic enough to impose his will regardless. Recently, Mencke buried four goals against the #2 ranked ESD Eagles to give the Scots their first signature victory of the 2013 season. By all indications, the Scots are just getting warmed up for what could be another title run.

Bryce Green 2013
Highland Park, Texas
Furman Commit
Position: Attack
Sub Position: Two Hand Dodger
Rating: Legit

The primary initiator down low for the 2013 Scots is the big carrying attackman, Bryce Green. Green, a starting linebacker and captain in both football & lacrosse, is a mountain of a man. Usually, you think of linebackers staying true to their defensive tendencies. Not Green! He brings his physicality to the offensive side of the field, imposes his will on opposing defenses, and draws tons of attention. Obviously, Green does not shy away from contact and inside rolls with regularity forcing defenses to be on time. For most carriers, an inside roll at 3x3 can and usually is a turnover; for Green, he's prospecting. If the slide is late, he's getting to the front of the cage. If it's on time, he moves the ball with purpose and usually gets a hockey assist. Green is also tough catching the ball in space and utilizing his hitch. He attacks the outside shoulder, and it's really tough to keep him from getting topside. Green is a matchup nightmare and will really force defenses to collapse and rotate in order to stop him.

Hilton Kennington 2013
Highland Park, Texas
Furman Commit
Position: Defense
Sub Position: Massive on Ball Defender
Rating: Legit

For Highland Park, Hilton Kennington is the defensive leader / captain along with their Senior Keeper Matthew Meaders. Kennington, also a massive human, stands at roughly 6'4", but he sure can move for his size! In the Final Four last year, he matched up with Zach Coker, who's actually his cousin. This "Clash of the Titans" was very entertaining. Next year, the two will be on the same sideline. Hilton has good feet and the ability to contain his matchup. Slides aren't required as the kid is rangy. Off ball he does a good job of clogging passing lanes as he has a massive wing span. Hilton absolutely consumes passing angles. In the clearing game, Kennington does a great job getting the ball up field, communicating, and distributing appropriately. For Kennington, the sky's the limit as his natural physical talents are second to none. Defense wins championships, especially under Coach Thomson at Highland Park. Kennington has had a taste and could lead his group to another in 2013.

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