3d Rising - Player Evaluations from 3d Lacrosse, 5/19

Matthew Meaders 2013
Highland Park, Texas
Position: Goalie
Sub Position: Big in the Net / Southpaw
Rating: Watch List

To win at any level, consistent goalie play is absolutely crucial. Highland Park has had the luxury of great keepers in the past. Meaders is no different. A sizeable lefty that makes all the saves he is supposed to (and some of the ones he shouldn't) is invaluable to the Scots and their repeat title hopes. When shooting against Meaders, he really forces you to finish. No angle, alley dodges are gobbled up, shots willfully thrown at his feet are turnovers, and, if you're looking to beat him up top from outside of 13, it's likely to be turned away. Consistency is the pillar for every great defense, and Meaders provides this. Outside of the cage, Meaders commands the clear and does a good job of getting the ball up field. Highland Park is known for transition, and the Scots goalie definitely has a good feel for finding breaking mids over the shoulder. A communicator and stopper, Meaders is a smart kid and has his defense working well on the field. He was crucial last year in the State Championship run and has shown growing signs of confidence in 2013.

Christopher Marlow 2014
Highland Park, Texas
Position: Midfield / Face Off
Sub Position: 2 way
Rating: Watch List

A great pick up for Highland Park in 2013 is Christopher Marlow who comes over from St. Marks. As a sophomore, Marlow was voted as an All-State Player, one of few sophomores to receive that accolade. At the X, Marlow is consistently dominant. With a variety of moves, he adds possession time to any roster. The Scots love transition, and Marlow is adept at moving the ball forward into immediate Fast Break opportunities. After the faceoff, Marlow is not a liability when left on. His defensive principles are sound, and his ability to beat his defender on impact is well regarded. With the ability to dodge down either alley, Marlow doesn't favor one hand over the other. Due to Marlow's shifty nature and low center of gravity, it's tough to keep him from good spots on the field. Marlow can create his own shot but also makes those around him better. As Marlow continues to become more familiar with the HP offensive system, he will become even more dominant as their offensive system is built around strong midfield play. Marlow has all the makings of a tremendous contributor at the next level.

* * * *

Episcopal School of Dallas

This squad, coached by former Syracuse player, Pat Kennedy, is an explosive and exciting contender for the THSLL State Championship crown. ESD looks to build off of Kennedy's first year at the helm and an early & unexpected exit from the 2012 playoffs. Kennedy has his guys buying in, working hard, and will continue to develop his group into one of the more exciting groups in the state. ESD has had a history of success and looks to bring those days of glory back.

Richie Loftus 2014
Episcopal School of Dallas, Texas
Dartmouth Commit
Position: Attackman
Sub Position: Strong Carrier / Distributor
Rating: Legit

Loftus is, without a doubt, one of the strongest carrying attackman Texas has to offer. Kid enjoys contact and often draws the biggest defenseman the opposition can throw at him. Loftus enjoys backing people down Ian Dingmanesque style as he can lower his center of gravity and move people. While his back is to the ball, he understands that teams will send the double at him and, thus, he is rather adept at moving the ball to the backside proficiently. While ESD as a squad is tremendously talented, he is, without a doubt, the primary initiator from behind the goal. Not to be understated, the kid can also score. Earlier this year, Loftus dumped in 10 goals in the 1st half against Allen. 10g's; one half; that sounds good; I'll have that. The kid can play, and, if ESD is to make a title run, he'll have to continue to be a primary facilitator of the offense.

Video: http://lacrosserecruits.com/lacrosserecruits/Richie_Loftus

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