3d Rising - Player Evaluations from 3d Lacrosse, 5/19

Barrett Anigian 2013
Episcopal School of Dallas, Texas
Air Force Academy Commit
Position: Midfield
Sub Position: Two Way / Hitch and Go Dodger
Rating: Legit

For ESD, Barrett Anigian faces off, scores, plays defense, drives the bus, etc. Kid pretty much does everything that is asked of him and more. Anigian has always had one of the most explosive shots in the Texas High School Lacrosse League, a howitzer attached to his body. When the ball hits the net, you can hear it! As pure a shooter as you can find, Anigian is a tremendous contributor on the offensive side of the field for ESD. Another component of Anigian's arsenal is his ability to dodge with force. Anigian hitches, lowers his shoulder, and embraces contact but just so long that he draws attention or gets his hands free. Opposing teams don't let Anigian create much separation so, usually, he is forced to distribute. However, when his hands are free, it's truly a sight. Really looking forward to seeing how he does at the next level as Air Force might have gotten another true difference maker up there in Colorado Springs.

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Garden City High School

Garden City is home to one of the most storied lacrosse programs on Long Island. The rich tradition and lacrosse culture have been alive for decades. Headed by coach Steve Fannell, GC plays conservative and disciplined ball on both ends of the field. Fannell has players running his system with efficiency and organization. While GC doesn't look to pepper the net with shots any chance they get, they do look to get the best possible shot. High percentage and high angle shots come off the sticks of the Trojans. Defensively, GC is deep with a plethora of big and athletic long poles accompanied by fast and quick short sticks. Speaking of their short sticks, Tim McDonagh has to be one of the biggest factors for the Trojans in their match-up with La Salle..

#24 M Tim McDonagh 2014
Garden City High School
Position: Middie
Sub-position: Short Stick Transition Middie
Rating: Watch-list

McDonagh does so many things for the Trojans. He plays great on ball defense, picks up ground balls, plays man-down and creates great transition opportunities for his team. McDonagh is the type of kid who has really accepted his roll for the Trojans this year. While he doesn't play much offense for the Maroon and White, he is on the field a ton. Rarely tires and always willing to take the next shift, McDonagh is the type of kid who has the potential to develop into being a solid two-way middie at the next level. Watch out for number 24 this season and in years to come.

#14 Eddie Blatz 2013
Garden City High School
Position: Defenseman
Sub-position: On Ball Cover
Rating: Legit
College Commitment: Georgetown

Blatz easily had the toughest assignment of the day. He was matched up against Matt Rambo, the best attackman in the country. Going into the game, I didn't think Blatz would be able to contain the powerful Rambo. My opinion quickly changed after Blatz held Rambo scoreless in the first half. Blatz played Rambo perfectly, forcing him to take low angle off balance shots. Not only was Blatz helping his goalie by forcing Rambo to take low quality shots, but he also was frustrating the number 1 recruit in the country. Blatz is a cerebral, intelligent defenseman who plays angles extremely well. I look forward to see how Blatz develops at the next level.

#44 Tommy Wright 2015
Garden City High School
Position: Defense
Sub-position: With Ball, Transition, LSM
Rating: Legit
College Commitment: Penn State

Wright owns the middle of the field. With the combination speed and athleticism, he dominates the ground ball battles all over the field. There was an innate sense of comfort when he picked up the ball on his defensive end. You knew that if things broke down or if he was in trouble, he would somehow use his athleticism to get out of trouble. Wright was a treat to watch when he was on the ball. He was always right with his guy, ready to put the ball on the ground and create fast breaks going the other way.

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