3d Rising - Player Evaluations from 3d Lacrosse, 5/19

#30 James Sullivan 2015
Garden City High School
Position: Midfield
Sub-position: All-purpose Two-way Middie
Rating: Legit

Blessed athletically, Sullivan just might be the perfect college midfielder. Last year, he was the #1 face-off guy as a freshman for the Trojans during their State Championship run. Not only can he face, but also he can defend, clear and play on the offensive end. His speed and strength are two of the many qualities that will make him a great player at the next level. Of all his qualities, I think his durability is what sets him apart from the rest of the talent.

#47 Luke McDaid 2016
Garden City High School
Position: Attack
Sub-position: Distributor
Rating: Watch-list

Luke is one of the youngest players on the Trojans and is still on the man-up unit. He is highly skilled with a great stick. He very poise for such a young player. His vision and high IQ allows him to find the open man and produce quality shots for his man-up unit. As McDaid continues to grow, he will develop into being a more complete attackman and a player to watch.

* * * *

La Salle College High School

La Salle came up to the Island with something to prove. They had a great opportunity to showcase their talents on a big stage and show they could run with one of Long Island's top high school lacrosse programs, Garden City. This team was big, fast, tough, big (definitely worth reiterating) and well coached. It's apparent that Pennsylvania kids are starting to look less like football players with lacrosse sticks and more like lacrosse players with football speed, power, and toughness. La Salle plays very disciplined and sound team defense. They play physically in every area of field. Oh, yeah, I almost forget, they also play with the top recruit in the country: Matt Rambo.

#1 Matt Rambo 2013
La Salle College High School, PA
Position: Attack/Midfield
Sub Position: Quarterback & Beast
Rating: Legit
College Commitment: University of Maryland

Similar to great John Rambo, La Salle's stud Matt Rambo is skilled in many aspects. La Salle ran a majority of their offense through the nation's top recruit. Rambo is a thick, powerful and a heads up lefty attackman. His first step didn't necessarily break ankles, but it did let him free his hands for a shot and boy could he shoot! Rambo brought it shooting on the run, with time and room, off of screens and around his man. Not only can Rambo bring it shooting, but he also has great vision. The few times GC slid to Rambo, he made them pay by quickly getting the ball out of his stick and finding the open man. I was disappointed by the two bad unsportsmanlike penalties Rambo took in the game. Both came from late hits away from play after his team failed to ride back the ball. Overall, if Rambo can keep his cool, expands his scoring ability near the 5 and 5's, and puts more of his shots on net, he can definitely do big things at the next level.

#4 Stephan Hudak 2014
La Salle College High School, PA
Position: Midfield
Sub Position: Catch and Shoot
Rating: Watch-List

Hudak was the first to put his team on the scoreboard when he sniped a shot sweeping to his left hand on the run, early in the first quarter. It was apparent that La Salle was looking to give Hudak space to operate so he could get off that powerful shot on the run. This kid was big, fast, and could bring it with both hands. Hudak finished the day with 2 goals and was considered a top performer by MSG Varsity Long Island.

#13 Nick Hrescko 2013
La Salle High School, PA
Position: Goalie
Sub-position: Big Time
Rating: Player
College Commitment: Monmouth University

Nick Hrescko is the type of goalie that made the saves a goalie should make and then some. He made some ridiculous saves in tight throughout the game. Not only did Nick make saves goalies don't typically make, but also he made them in key situations. Anytime GC had an opportunity to stay in the game or even take the lead, Hrescko would come up with a big stop for his team. His quick hands, acrobatic style and fiery personality ignited a spark for La Salle that never went away.

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