Conference Computer Ratings for the 2013 Lacrosse Season

Conference power ratings were calculated for each of the three men's and women's NCAA divisions. Independents were treated as their own conference for this analysis. See the link below for additional information about the method employed.

The top-ranking conferences in men's Divisions I, II, and III were the ACC, East Coast, and Centennial, respectively. The ACC has finished in the top spot since 2002, the first year the analysis was done. The Centennial edged out the NESCAC, which occupied the top spot from 2008-2012.

For women's Divisions I, II, and III, the top-ranking conferences – the ACC, Northeast 10, and NESCAC, respectively – were also unchanged from last year. The ACC has finished in or tied for the top spot every year but one, and the NESCAC has been number one every year since 2002.

The tables for 2013, which also show conferences' records and winning percentages in out-of-conference games, can be accessed here: Conference Power Ratings. Links to conference ratings for previous years can be found on the Special Reports & Analyses page.


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