NY Times: Lacrosse Grows, But Diversity Remains Unchanged

From the New York Times: As the popularity and the visibility of lacrosse increase, the diversity in the sport lags behind. Just 1.9 percent of Division I men's lacrosse players are black, according to the most recent NCAA study. One of the teams (Duke) in this weekend's men's Final Four in Philadelphia has one black player, while another (Cornell) has none.

For many years and on numerous teams [Kyle] Harrison, regarded by many as perhaps the greatest midfielder in lacrosse's history, was "the only pair of brown legs on the field," a rare black player in a sport that is overwhelmingly white. But for the last few years, Harrison has caught a glimpse of what he hopes is lacrosse's future: a racial balance that will eliminate the uneasiness that he and other minority players say they have felt to varying degrees in their careers.

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