Two New Books: Men's Lacrosse and Seeds of Success

Two new lacrosse-related books have been published very recently that might be of interest to site visitors. We have not yet had an opportunity to read either, so what follows is promotional material from the publishers and not a review or recommendation by LaxPower.

Men's Lacrosse by Don Zimmerman & Peter England

Coaching legend Don Zimmerman joins forces with Peter England to present the skills and strategies you need to take your game to the next level. With detailed instruction, expert advice, and personal insights from a Hall of Fame coach, you'll learn to improve these skills:

• Fundamentals such as passing, scooping, feeding, cutting, dodging, and finishing

• Shot power, accuracy, selection, and placement for high-percentage scoring

• Goalkeeping techniques such as stick work, clearing, positioning, and challenging shots

• Offensive opportunities by using field position, forcing turnovers, and taking advantage of player match-ups

You'll also find more than 25 of the best drills for skill development, training and conditioning, and team execution and in-depth coverage of the most effective offensive and defensive schemes, tactics, and strategies for today's game.

The book is available at the Human Kinetics (publisher) web site or at,, and other online resellers.

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Seeds of Success: A Leader, His Legacy, and the Lessons Learned by John Brubaker

Former college lacrosse coach John Brubaker, the award-winning author of The Coach Approach, takes readers on an enlightening and transformational journey to find their purpose and develop their leadership performance in his new book (Sport of Business Publishing; May 2013; $19.95; 978-0-9850671-1-3).

Seeds of Success introduces readers to lacrosse coaching legend Morgan Randall and his protιgι, young emerging leader Jack Burton. The book takes you on a yearlong journey during which Randall introduces Jack to a Marine Corps recruiter, a CEO, and a minister, whom he refers to as the three wise men. These unlikely mentors teach Jack how to become a more authentic leader and show him that life is the curriculum; you are the student and everyone you meet has a lesson to teach.

Through the characters and the lessons of the book, readers will acquire new ways to unlock their potential and bring out the best in others, by learning how to:

• Discover passion, purpose and unique ability

• Focus on the process not the end result

• Develop a life plan on the journey to finding success and fulfillment

• Leave a legacy and make a lasting impact

• Seek the rewards from work, not just the awards at work

Though it is a fictional story, Seeds of Success is based on Brubaker's relationship with his coaching mentor, who died of blood cancer, and the setting for the book is the Philadelphia suburbs. With this in mind, the HEADstrong Foundation became a natural charitable partner. The Foundation's mission is to carry on the legacy and vision of founder Nicholas E. Colleluori through advocating, fundraising and supporting those affected by blood cancers and those working towards eliminating it.

The book is available at bookstores and online. When ordered online at using discount code RHJEADCJ, a portion of the proceeds will go to the HEADstrong Foundation.


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