Recruit Listings for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 Academic Years

LaxPower's databases are now online with the first round of information we have received or gathered for where this fall's high school juniors will likely be headed to play lacrosse in college for the 2015-2016 season. Obviously these are just verbal, non-binding commitments at this point.

In addition, the listings for college year 2014-2015, mostly this fall's high school seniors but including some transfers as well, continue to grow, with over 500 men's and 600 women's players in the database so far.

Simply click on the Recruits link that can be found via the main Men, Women, Boys, or Girls navigation buttons. Listings for prior years remain available as well.

There is another link to the Recruits page in the right-hand column on the home page. That section also contains links to signing announcements for 2013-2014 for now, but eventually changing to 2014-2015 once press releases for that class begin to arrive in mid to late November.

The Recruits page has more information about the databases, FAQs for searching, and links to the form for submitting new names, updates, and corrections. A statistical summary tool for doing frequency distributions and cross-tabulations as well as links to the NCAA and NLI web sites can also be found there.

Other Notes
  • As always, the listings are unofficial. We update them whenever more accurate information is available and are happy to receive corrections and new submissions.

  • The early signing period for the National Letter of Intent (NLI) for this fall's high school seniors will be November 13-20. The NLI applies only to Division I and II schools that offer athletically-related aid, and some do not.

  • Bear in mind that it is very early in the recruiting process, and some players listed could certainly decide to attend a school other than the one listed. The databases are updated as new information arrives. If you have information to add or correct, please let us know.

  • At the present time, none of the players listed for 2015-2016 will have begun the formal admissions process much less have been accepted. The latter may well be true for most of the 2014-2015 group. In any case, players in both groups should be considered verbal commitments.

  • Information for the listings comes, in no particular order, from college and high school coaches, players, parents and friends, media outlets, club web sites, and press releases.

  • If you are submitting a name or names, please be very careful to select the correct year on the submission form.


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