Results of the 2013 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Day 1

Middlebury 11, CLC 6
At the end of the first quarter CLC was only behind by two points and was looking to make a comeback. At the end of the first half, CLC were only a couple of points behind Middlebury, but in the third quarter Middlebury went way ahead with the lead, scoring five goals.

Tombstone 15, Navy Grand Goats 4
Rob Gormley led the Tombstone attack in this fast-paced and rough game. Taylor was also very active with three assists and a great shot. Lawley for Navy Goats led the team with two goals, several shots and ground balls.

Mr. Boh 13, Princeton BCLF 4
Mr. Boh was able to pull out a win thanks to their dominating offense and quick face-off wins. Meanwhile, Princeton struggled with turnovers.

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