Results of the 2013 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Day 2

The second day of the 2013 Vail Lacrosse Shootout hosted two more divisions, as the U-19 Boys' and Girls' tournaments took to the fields in Avon and Edwards. The Grandmasters division semifinals ended with the Eldest Statesmen and Middlebury heading to the championship game. The most seasoned players in the tournament finished out the day with the annual Zen Masters (60 and over) game.

With pool play over, the Supermasters and High School Boys' divisions will begin bracket play tomorrow, and Grandmasters will conclude with what is sure to be an exciting championship.

Results for Sunday 6/30

Supermasters (40+)

Earl Bill Pool (A) - Ford East

10:30 am - Elder Statesmen 10, Team ARTA 1
The Elder Statesmen crushed ARTA in a surprising 10-1 win. John Zulberti handled the ball beautifully on offense and even managed a man-down goal.

11:30 am - Princeton BCLF 6, Moondoggies 4
Princeton and Moondoggies were neck and neck in this very heated and evenly matched game. Princeton was able to make a final push at the end to win it.

12:30 pm - Middlebury 7, Team ARTA 1
Middlebury dominated over ARTA thanks to a hat trick from Jim Reilly.

1:30 pm - Elder Statesmen 8, Moondoggies 7
Moondoggies made a strong comeback after the Elder Statesmen led 4-0, but weren't able to pull ahead in the end.

2:30 pm - Princeton BCLF 4, Middlebury 3

Tom Bruder Pool (B) - Ford West

10:30 am - C2C Magic Wands 8, Navy Old Goats 3
The Navy goalie had some great goaltending, but the Magic Wands took a commanding lead in the second half. The Wand's Jim Loffredo dominated on faceoffs and Drew Wendel and Dan Fisher commanded the offense.

11:30 am - Yellow Dog 11, CoBiz 1
Yellow Dogs dominated both halves on offense and defense. The Dogs shared the ball very well, getting 9 out of 11 goals from all different players. CoBiz, however, dominated on the faceoffs.

12:30 pm - Arizona Wildfire 7, Navy Old Goats 5
The Arizona Wildfire struggled with clears, but still came out ahead. Dave Drew of Wildfire helped bring home the win with two goals.

1:30 pm - C2C Magic Wands 6, Yellow Dog 4
Jim Loffredo and Karl Wimer were the top scorers for the Magic Wands with a hat trick and two goals, respectively. All four of the Yellow Dog goals were unassisted.

2:30 pm - Arizona Wildfire 6, CoBiz 5 (OT)
Both teams were evenly matched with all players making a full effort. In the end, the Wildfire were able to make that final goal to seal the win.

Earl Bill Pool Standings
A1: Elder Statesmen (4-0)
A2: Princeton BCLF (3-1)
A3: Moondoggies (2-2)
A4: Middlebury (1-3)
A5: Team ARTA (0-4)

Tom Bruder Pool Standings
B1: C2C Magic Wands (4-0)
B2: Yellow Dog (3-1)
B3: Arizona Wildfire (2-2)
B4: Navy Old Goats (1-3)
B5: CoBiz (0-4)

* * * *

Grandmasters (50+)


Eldest Statesmen 10, Tombstone 4
Eldest Statesmen managed to come ahead thanks largely to faceoffs. Tombstone's Schwartz was the lead scorer for Tombstone.

Middlebury 8, Los Viejos 4
Los Viejos made a strong comeback after halftime, but it was no match for the Middlebury team and Bryan Dieter's strong scoring.


Mr. Boh 8, Colorado Lacrosse Club 6
The game started with Colorado Lacrosse Club dominating the scoreboard with three goals to Mr. Boh's one. It was a physical, close game with frequent possession changes. Mr. Boh came back strong in the second quarter with three goals and saving three out of five CLC shots. At the end of the third it was tied up 5-5, but Mr. Boh pulled ahead at the end with three more goals to win the game.

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