US Lacrosse 2013 High School Boys' AAs and AAAs: Round 3

BALTIMORE, MD US Lacrosse has announced the third of three groups of high school boys' lacrosse players to be named a US Lacrosse High School All-American or All-Academic honoree.

A US Lacrosse All-American is a player who exhibits superior skills and techniques and possesses exceptional game sense and knowledge. A US Lacrosse All-American is one of the best players in the United States, while also embodying excellent sportsmanship.

A US Lacrosse All-Academic honoree is a player who exhibits exemplary lacrosse skills, good sportsmanship on the field, and represents high standards of academic achievement in the classroom. This player also should have left his mark beyond the lacrosse field and the classroom by making significant contributions of service to the school and/or community.

We are supplementing the USL list with players' hometowns and other data where this information is available to us. When the colleges (or PG schools) players will be attending for 2013-2014 are shown, it doesn't necessarily mean they will be playing lacrosse there.

The AA and AAA lists can be accessed on the HS-AA and HS-AAA pages (and, for future reference, those links can be found on the main Boys and Girls navigation menus). Please read the paragraphs at the top of the listings for more information about submitting corrections and updates.


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