Results from the 2013 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Day 8

5th Place Bracket
9:00 am - Adrenaline Tropics 19, Denver City Lax/StyLax 15
The game was mostly controlled by the Tropics. Every time it looked like City Lax was making a comeback the Tropics pulled away with quick goals. The Tropics face-off man Robby Grabher made the win possible.

3:00 pm - Rocky Mountain Oysters 19, Millennium Lacrosse 18
A barn-burner between these two Colorado heavy teams, the final game of the day on Ford Field was an offensive exhibition. With both defenses unable to stop each other's potent offenses, it became a battle of possessions with the Oysters coming out on top.

Consolation Semifinals

FCA True Lacrosse 12, Jammin' Salmon 8
The game started off with a battle to take the lead. During the second quarter, FCA dominated the play of the game, firing accurate shots, winning ground ball battles, and putting four quarters together. FCA had many good connections and teamwork for all goals.

LOFers 12, Southern Combat 10
In this exciting game, Southern Combat dominated on face offs. Davie of the Beavers had great shots and two goals to make it a closer game.

13th Place Bracket
Crease Beavers 13, Team TAMA 11
True Lacrosse 17, Warrior X 8

Other Games
Prestige Lacrosse 13, Colorado Mavs 7
Team Gutman 8, Minnesota Chill 7

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Women's Elite

Harrow Honeybadgers 11, Team Wild 3

Team STX 15, Run Around Sue 7
Run Around Sue lacked the aggressiveness to tame Team STX. During the moments where Run Around Sue got going Team STX was quick to answer and left little doubt as to who was the more talented team. 9, LOFers 6
CRSLax and the LOFers started out trading goals and long possessions, but CRSLax pulled away in the last ten minutes of the first half, scoring five unanswered goals. The LOFers came out strong in the second half, but couldn't overcome the sizeable deficit. CRSLax held on at the end to win 9 to 6.

Gang Green 11, Colorado Lacrosse Club 7

Harrow Honeybadgers 12, 6
The Harrow Honeybadgers came out rabid putting up seven goals in the first half; it was only close because of the eight saves by CRSLax's Caitlin Carducci. CRSLax started the second half much stronger and were led by Rachel Culp's hat trick, but it wasn't enough against the strength of the entire Badger team with ten players tallying goals in the win.

Team STX 21, Gang Green 4

5th Place Bracket
LOFers 12, Team Wild 5
Run Around Sue 13, Colorado Lacrosse Club 4

Pappy's 10, The Laxatives 8
The Laxatives, made up primarily of CSU students/grads, and Pappy's, made up mostly of CU students/grads, continued their in-state rivalry at the Shootout. With the game tied 4-4 at the half, The Laxatives Grace Jackson scored four goals and when combined with the eight saves by Baer Kenzie the Laxatives were eying a comeback win. However, they couldn't stop the spread of Pappy's seven different goal scorers.

#1 Stunner of the Month 11, CWLA 4

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