Final Day Results from the 2013 Vail Lacrosse Shootout

Colin Dunster - Lacrossewear
Nick Ossello - All Out
Ryan Danehy - Brine Elite
Rob Guida - Lacrossewear

Ryder Henery - Adrenaline Tropics
Austin Konkel - All Out
Goran Murray - Lacrossewear

Kevin Massa - Lacrossewear

Mike Pelligrino - Lacrossewear

Mike Novosel - Big Green Herd

US Lacrosse – Keeper of Lacrosse Award
Jim Carboneau

* * * *

Women's Elite

Championship: STX 13, Harrow Honeybadgers 3
Sparks flew in this championship game as soon as the first ball went into the air. Honeybadgers were not intimidated and combated the fast pace of Team STX. Although the score at half was 7-1 in favor of Team STX, Maggie Tamasitis, Tournament MVP from STX, had assisted four first half goals for her team. Molly Pais of Honeybadgers scored the first goal of the second half but Kitty Cullen responded with 2 goals of her own; one being a behind the back shot. Honeybadgers' aggressiveness never dwindled as the game came to an end.

3rd Place: 1, Gang Green 0 (forfeit)
Run Around Sue 9, LOFers 5
Pappy's 11, #1 Stunner of the Month 9
The Laxatives 13, CWLA 6
Colorado Lacrosse Club 1, Team Wild 0 (forfeit)

Final Standings
1st: Team STX
2nd: Harrow Honeybadgers
4th: Gang Green
5th: Run Around Sue
6th: LOFers
7th: Colorado Lacrosse Club
8th: Team Wild
9th: Pappy's
10th: #1 Stunner of the Month
11th: Laxatives
12th: CWLA

All-Tournament Team
Beth Calder - Colorado Lacrosse Club
Emma-Lazaroff - Run Around Sue
Sonorah Vineyard - LOFers
Rachel Culp -
Cassie Ancarrow - Harrow Honeybadgers
Mary Zulty - Harrow Honeybadgers
Lauren Bobzin - Harrow Honeybadgers
Kitty Cullen - Team STX
Lauren Schmidt - Team STX
Sam Farrell - Team STX
Julie Gardner - Team STX
Kendall McBrearty - LOFers
Maggie Tamasitis - Team STX

Coach/Team Rep: Nancy Baruch & Don Sherman - LOFers
US Lacrosse–Keeper of Lacrosse Award: Nancy Baruch - LOFers

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