Cornell Cancels All Fall Competition for the Lacrosse Team

According to a report at the Cornell Daily Sun web site, "Cornell has been placed on temporary suspension following an alleged hazing incident on September 13."

All of team's fall ball games have since been cancelled, although they continue to train and practice. For more information, see the story at the New York Times web site.

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The following is posted on Cornell University's hazing web site:

Description: On September 12, 2013, the Department of Athletics and Physical Education received information informing them that the new members of the men's varsity lacrosse team were being hazed by the upperclass members of the team. The investigation revealed the presence of a culture within this group of treating new members as less than equals. The freshmen were expected to perform menial tasks, including chores and other duties that went above and beyond those expected of the general membership. Additionally, they were expected to spend a large amount of time with the other members in both lacrosse-related and social situations planned by upperclass members of the team. At one such social gathering, upperclass team members organized a “keg race” in which underage freshmen members, aided by seniors, were challenged to drink a large amount of alcohol (beer) in a competition against other team members. The freshmen were told to stand in a circle and were tied together with string that was passed through their belt loops. They consumed a large quantity of alcohol to the point at which multiple members vomited.

Outcome: On September 13, the Cornell men's varsity lacrosse team was placed on temporary suspension, pending the outcome of the investigation. Immediately following the conclusion of the investigation and determination of the hazing infractions, the team was notified that all Fall 2013 competitions had been canceled. The team will participate in anti-hazing education programs and workshops and those members negatively affected by the hazing incidents will be provided support.


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