No COC-USILA Contract Could Jeopardize Fall Ball Officiating

The negotiations between the COC (Collegiate Officials Committee) and the USILA (United State Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association) appear to have hit a snag. The contract between the organizations in regard to providing officiating services for Division I USILA games (including not only next spring's games but fall ball scrimmages and alumni games as well) expired at the end of June.

There were apparently lengthy negotiations over a new contract, with an agreement finally hammered out in early July by COC and USILA representatives. However, although the COC's Executive Board approved the arrangement on July 10, the USILA's board met on September 16 and rejected the deal.

As a result, the COC will not offer officiating services until a new contract is in place. Games have already gone without the COC's services, and the heavy slate of upcoming fall ball games could be jeopardized. (Note that this situation does not affect Divisions II and III, for which an existing contract runs through June of next year).

The COC and USILA continue to work to resolve the impasse as quickly as possible.


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