Reviews of Four Popular, Recommended Products provides their take on four popular products they recommend: the Cascade R Helmet, Revolution 3 Head, Nike Vandal Shaft, and STX Stallion Glove.

Cascade R Helmet

The new, top of the line helmet from Cascade, the R has top of the line safety technology and has improved on several areas from its predecessors, including fit and vision. The Cascade R features Dual Seven Technology and PoronXRD liner system that addresses both high and low energy impacts, making it suitable for the highest level of play.

To top it off, the HardTail SPRfit system combined with custom jaw pad options gets you dialed into a 360-degree fit with micro-adjustment on the fly. Players have really taken to the R, calling it "the best helmet ever made" to "the first helmet that is a must have for anyone who steps onto the field."

The Cascade R is available in almost any color, including matte finishes, and with three different mask types (black, gold, and chrome), is fully customizable. Since it was introduced in early July of 2014, the Cascade R has been one of's best sellers, especially in the team sales department. Upon ordering, all helmets are custom built by Cascade, so please allow 7-10 days for delivery. In today's game safety is paramount, and Cascade has taken the steps to ensure that with the R. Available now at!

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Revo 3 Head

The newest edition of Warrior's top of the line defensive head, the Revolution 3 has been perfected to be the game's best for d-poles, period. Its triple beam sidewall construction ensures that it will maintain its shape and stiffness through a season of play, and the large, open face makes catching and passing much easier.

The Revo 3 also has raised grip zones along the head, a cool feature that allows the head to grip into an opponent when throwing a check. One of the key features in this head that the pros noticed immediately was the double screw holes. They lock this head in place so that the Revo 3 can stand up and deliver the hardest of poke checks, all while ensuring that the head will not shake free or loosen up.

Since its introduction in the summer of 2013, the Revo 3 has been one of the most widely used heads for d-poles and LSMs, especially in the MLL, where it is the head of choice for All-Star Kyle Hartzell. The Revo 3 is now available in four different color options and can be strung using the Pro Strung option. As Warrior has said, this is the best defensive head. Period. We at agree. A must have for any defenseman this season.

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