Reviews of Four Popular, Recommended Products

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Nike Vandal Shaft

One of the top selling shafts since its introduction in the beginning of 2013, the Nike Vandal is the perfect blend of weight, strength, and price of any shaft we carry at Its unique design, complete with a concave octagon shape, gives it great feel and comfort, making it an excellent choice for any player who is constantly on the move. This shaft has excelled on any level, from a favorite amongst young and intermediate players, to being the shaft of choice for seasoned vets in the college game.

One of the most popular complete stick combinations at this past season has been the Nike Vandal shaft topped with the Nike Lakota and Lakota U head. This all-Nike ensemble has gotten rave reviews, especially from midfielders on the high school level who enjoy the control and maneuverability the combo gives them.

The Nike Vandal is available in more than six colors and is also an option for goalies and d-poles looking for a lightweight option to some of the heavier shafts out there. If you are looking for a low cost alternative to the higher priced shafts on the market but do not want to sacrifice performance, the Nike Vandal is an ideal choice.

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STX Stallion Glove

The newest glove line from STX, the Stallion HD is the most anticipated glove for the 2014 season. Built with a high-def polymer and integrated cuff system, this glove ensures the perfect blend of weight, protection, and mobility. What really shines on the Stallion is the flexibility the player gets in each finger and thumb, thanks to the expansion joint fingers, floating knuckle system, and domed knuckle protection, combined with a seamless palm to ensure a great grip on the shaft.

Our review of the glove when it was first brought to was that it is one of the lightest gloves we have seen from STX with an incredible range of motion. Upon playing with it, the glove stood up to the checks that would occur in game with ease, making the Stallion an ideal choice for any offensive player.

The Stallion HD glove was the glove of choice for the STX LXM Pro team this past summer and has already become the go-to option for many of the top programs in college lacrosse for the 2013 fall ball season and heading into 2014. It is available in several color options and can also be customized for team sales. Now in stock at!

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