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Nike Huarache 4 Lacrosse Cleat

For the past few years, Nike has dominated the lacrosse game with its Huarache line. This season is no different, as the Huarache 4 lacrosse cleat has taken what made its predecessors great and made it better. Designed with the latest and greatest of Nike technology and a redesigned footplate to accommodate players with a wider foot, the Huarache 4 is sure to continue its trend of being a best seller.

"This is the best lacrosse cleat I have ever worn" has been the norm for commenters and players when talking about the Huarache 4. Designed with Dynamic Flywire technology that bends with the foot to keep you constantly locked down, enabling a player to turn on the dime cut for those outlet passes, the Huarache 4 is perfect for the fastest game on two feet. As mentioned, the Huarache 4 now comes wider than other cleats in the series, fixing the number one complaint in years past that players had. The cleat features a 3/4-length Phylon wedge midsole that mixes both cushioning and support, and its traction control allows the cleat to be used on any surface.

Available in four different colors, the Huarache is now available on, in sizes ranging from youth to size 14, making it the cleat of choice for any level of play. Remember, this was the cleat of choice for the 2014 USA National team and will be used by practically every Diviion I college team. A must-have this season.

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STX Hammer Lacrosse Head

The Hammer was introduced by STX last season and quickly become the best selling defensive lacrosse head that we carried at It is safe to say that the same is expected for the 2014 season, as d-poles ranging from the high school to college level have preferred the STX Hammer over any other head.

Upon picking up the head, it is easy to see why it's so popular. With a wide face to make catching and passing easier, C-Channel tech to provide extra strength for checking and scooping up ground balls, and three sidewall braces for extra stability, the Hammer is the ultimate defensive weapon. Perhaps what is most appealing about the head is how light the Hammer actually is considering its stiffness and strength. One of's pros used the Hammer and hasn't had to replace it in over a year, proving just how durable the head is.

Heading into 2014, serious defenders will want to consider the Hammer for their lacrosse head. Available in several different colors and the ability to be used at any level of play, the Hammer is set to shine again in 2014. Get yours now at

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