Albion MLaxers Donate Hair for Good Cause

Albion College has taken its best shot toward alleviating some of the side effects of cancer and alopecia by donating hair to Wigs for Kids.

The Britons decided that those players who wanted to grow their hair should do so in an effort to donate, and Alexander Martin Dziewit, Joel Hedemark, Tyler Kilpatrick, Kyle Formanczyk, Stephen Treppa, and Ashok Selby all committed to the program. The first hair donation took place this fall.

"I am so proud of our guys, and not just the kids who grew their hair, but also the others who stayed trim so that we could really show off our guys," head coach Jake DeCola said. "For roughly two years, these Albion student-athletes kept long hair and fought the temptation to cut it off in the middle of summer. They remembered their commitment to the project and they kept on going or growing."

Dziewit came to Albion with very long blonde hair. Nicknamed "Goldilocks," his hair was an identifying mark out on the field.

"We were proud ... especially of Alex, he came in with super long hair which he wore since he was about 7 years old," DeCola said. "At first, donating was not a thrilling idea for him. I just gave him the option and let him make the decision about it."

"When I thought about it at first I did not want to do it actually, but then I thought 'yeah- I want to do this' and I guess seeing how awesome my friends felt about donating helped do it too," Dziewit added.


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