Reviews of Four Popular, Recommended Products provides their take on four popular products they recommend: the TX Shield Pro Chest Protector, Maverik Metrik Head, Brine Swizzle Scandium, and Maverik Charger Starter Set.

TX Shield Pro Chest Protector

When it comes to stepping into the cage, the right lacrosse chest protector is paramount for any goalie. The perfect mix of protection, weight, and range of motion are all key factors when a goalie chooses a pad. This season, STX nails all those features with its brand new Shield Pro Chest Protector.  This is the top of the line chest protector that currently has and will be the number one choice for the majority of Division One teams on the college level.

With the Shield Pro Chest protector, STX has introduced the cardiac silhouette system. It offers not only protection to the entire chest, but emphasizes protection of the heart. Combine that with the floating chest plate and strategically placed stretch zones promote superior protection and mobility, and you have a pad that offers safety in the right places without adding bulk.

A two strap design holds the chest protector in place, all while maintaining the organic feel necessary to make the game winning save, and the Shield Pro also sports a removable stomach pad, to further customize the pad to a players liking.  

The STX Shield Pro is now available on As mentioned, this is a high level pad intended for advanced players, namely on the college and varsity levels. For more information, check out the product video on the Shield Pro.

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