Reviews of Four Popular, Recommended Products

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Maverik Metrik Head

Over the years Maverik has introduced several lacrosse heads that have performed well, but never took that next step to that “must have” range. This season, the Maverik Metrik has reached that level. This is without question, the best Maverik head that we have reviewed at and has become a favorite amongst our Pro’s and customers since its introduction earlier this fall.

The Metrik was designed to be a complete all around head. A level three bottom rail design offers the perfect blend of accuracy and power, while a redesigned sidewall cross sections offer stiffness and durability.  What really shines is the dual designed scoop, which is ideal for picking up ground balls while a pointed inner scoop strings in a naturally channeled pocket for increased accuracy. On the stringing side,  the Maverik Metrik offers seventeen stringing holes. This allows for a near limitless amount of possibilities when it comes to the type of pocket a player wants, which is a huge plus.

The Metrik is available in both high school and universal specs and comes in a wide variety of colors. recommends this head for any level of play, especially for advancing midfielders.  Remember this will be the head of choice for many of the Maverik sponsored schools on the college level, so do not overlook the Maverik Metrik when shopping for a lacrosse head this season.

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Brine Swizzle Scandium

New for 2014, the Brine Swizzle Scandium is one of the best lacrosse shaft choices for any offensive minded player this season.  As one of the more successful shafts over the years, the Brine Swizzle Scandium has some incredible new features that made it a favorite amongst MLL players over the summer, as well as all the way down to advancing high school players

The first thing we noticed is the feel of the stick.  The Swizzle Scandium has a new elite grip technology, meaning the grip on the shaft is embedded into its color schemes, offering superior hold and control while playing on the move.  This allows for more control when dodging a full speed and better accuracy on shots and passes, something all players can get behind.  Gone are the old Brine graphics on the shaft, replaced this year with a much cleaner look that compliments this no nonsense shaft perfectly. This shaft is also incredibly light but has great strength and durability, which gives it the ability to last a full season of hard play.

The Swizzle Scandium is available now at in several different colors as well as long poles for any LSM or defenseman out there.  Though this shaft really shines on the offensive side of the ball, do not overlook it if you are a long pole. Its lightweight and grip are perfect for up close up defensive play as well as moving the ball up the field in transition.  The Swizzle is one of our highest rated shafts for 2014 and has been climbing the bestseller list since its introduction.

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