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Maverik Charger Starter Set

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports among children and teens in the country. As a child begins his or her interest in the sport, the question most parents have is what gear do I get that will last, protect my child, and not break the bank.  If that is the case, look no further than the Maverik Charger Starter Set.  Replacing our best selling lacrosse starter set from 2013, the Maverik Bad Boy, the Charger Starter set is perfect for the young player just learning the game or the player advancing into middle school play.

What makes the Charger Starter set our premier and most recommended set is the perfect combination of great gear and price. For just over a  hundred dollars, a player can get gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads and a fully strung stick that is game ready out of the box.  The Charger gloves are modeled after Maverik’ best selling Rome gloves, meaning they are flexible enough for a player to learn how to control a stick on the move while providing great protection.  The shoulder pads are fully adjustable and offer premium protection in the sternum,  neck, and shoulder, to give parents piece of mind. Lastly, the arm pads are comfortable and light, which allow a young player to quickly get used to wearing them all while not hindering his or her ability to catch and pass.  

The Maverik Charger starter set comes in three different styles, just the three pads, the three pads with a stick, and a the full complete set that comes with the pads, stick and a helmet. Also offers a promo code that allows you to take 15% off the starter set to make this deal even better. If you are looking to get your child into lacrosse this year, look no further than the Maverik Charger Starter set to get him going.

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