LaxPower Men's Division I & III Picking Contests for 2014

We're again holding the picking contests for Men's Division I and Division III this spring. The first of 10 installments will involve games to be played on 2/22-2/23, with the entry deadline being 6:00 pm ET on 2/21. For each installment, a slate of 10 games will be presented, and you attempt to pick the winners.

If you would like to participate in one or both contests this year, please register one or more user names (if more than one, a different e-mail address must be used for each). After registering, you can enter now or wait; just get your entry or entries in before the deadline. Depending on the nature of the your e-mail set-up, the user name you selected last time may appear as part of the 'To' field in this message. (Note: You need to register even if you have a Forum user name or participated in the contests last year.)

If you elect to receive reminders (a setting that can be changed at any point), they are generally sent on Monday or Tuesday and again on Thursday or Friday. However, they are not sent to people who have already entered.

Register: (The registration link can also be found on the contest pages.)

Contest Pages: MD1 - MD3. You can also use to reach the D1 entry page. There is a link on both pages to take you to the other contest, and you'll find a box on the right side of the home page with the links as well.

Enter as many/few installments of a contest as you like, but you must enter at least 8 of the 10 to be eligible for the overall title. If you do enter all 10, your lowest score will be dropped, so there's no advantage to opting out of what you perceive to be a difficult slate of games to pick.

Enjoy the season and the contests!


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